ARC (Awakening Respect and Compassion for all Sentient Beings) 

About Us

Our Mission:

Awakening Respect and Compassion For All Sentient Beings (ARC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization based in the Deep South (Mobile, AL) whose mission is to raise awareness about the impact our daily choices have on other species and the environment, as well as our own health, to inspire compassion for all sentient beings, and to guide, lead, and inspire positive transformation to create a more sustainable, compassionate, just, and healthy world for all sentient beings. Join us! 

ARC raises awareness about the impact human activity has on other species and the planet and provides information and tools to help people live with more compassion and more respect for all beings and the living environment . We raise awareness about the capacity of other species to experience emotions and to suffer; we educate people about more humane and environmentally sustainable alternatives to the many ways we currently interact and use animals. Much of our work specifically highlights human use of animals in animal agriculture, but we also advocate for the freedom of all animals currently being used in entertainment, research, and fashion, as well as promoting more responsible pet guardianship, a more humane wildlife policy, and ultimately an end to the status of animals as property.


In order to reduce suffering to the billions of farmed animals slaughtered annually and to reduce the process of climate change and other negative environmental effects of animal agriculture (including loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, water, and air pollution), we promote a vegan way of living that is rooted in the values of peace and compassion for all beings and an understanding of the interconnection of all life.


Our projects seek to inspire people to see and understand this interconnection, to inspire an opening of the heart, and to educate people about how our individual choices affect other beings and the survival of the planet.


In order to achieve these goals, our main program areas include vegan outreach and farmed animal welfare; companion animals; wildlife; animals in research, fashion, and entertainment. We seek to raise awareness and promote respect and compassion for all living beings through a combination of approaches including: legislation; education & outreach (including literature, billboards, tabling, demonstrations, cooking classes, feed-ins), and mindfulness training.

Who We Are:

ARC is comprised of a diverse group of individuals of different religious backgrounds, political affiliations, ages, and ethnicities who are united in a belief that we must, as Mahatma Gandhi said, “be the change we wish to see in the world.” We are inspired by peaceful leaders throughout history from all spiritual and cultural traditions. We seek to use peaceful methods and tactics to inspire an awakening of consciousness that will lead us as individuals and as a society to cultivate more respect and compassion for all living beings, ultimately creating a more compassionate, sustainable, and peaceful world for us all. 

We are physically based in Mobile, Alabama.