ARC (Awakening Respect and Compassion for all Sentient Beings) 


Vegan Food options are endless. And delicious. But as we transition away from the standard American diet to a healthier, sustainable, compassionate plant-based diet, we might need some help getting started. 



Start with the little ones!

For health and environmental reasons, we are often urged to give up red meat and pig products. This advice, combined with our more developed sense of connection with pigs and cows, leads many of us to give up red meat and pork in favor of eating more chicken and fish. However, in doing so, we may inadvertently contribute to even more pain and suffering. The lives of farmed fish, chickens, and egg laying hens are filled with some of the most extreme forms of pain and distress, and each animal only provides a small amount of food, which means that pound for pound, we would have to kill a lot more chickens and fish to obtain an equivalent amount of red meat. If we are interested in reducing as much suffering as possible, the first, rather than the last animal products we should give up are farmed fish, chicken, and eggs. If we do give up red meat or pork first, try replacing these with beans, rather than the smaller animals.