ARC (Awakening Respect and Compassion for all Sentient Beings) 

Join us for an on-line presentation and discussion about veganism as a form of social justice, with special guest, Brenda Sanders.
Brenda Sanders is a vegan food justice activist in Baltimore City who Co-Founded Thrive Baltimore, a community resource center that offers classes, workshops, cooking demos and other programming that promote a healthier, kinder, more sustainable lifestyle. She’s also Executive Director of Afro-Vegan Society, a nonprofit organization that provides resources to people in marginalized communities to assist them in transitioning to veganism, Co-Creator of Vegan SoulFest, a massive annual festival that celebrates culture and all aspects of vegan living and Co-Owner of The Greener Kitchen, a plant-based deli and food distributor whose mission is to make plant-based foods accessible and affordable.
This is a conversation that will be of interest to anyone who cares about creating a more just society. And Brenda is always an engaging, and enlightening presenter. Please join us!

Internationally known for her work in animal ethics, Dr. Lisa Kemmerer is the founder of the educational, vegan umbrella organization, Tapestry. With a Master of Theological Studies in Comparative Religions (Harvard) and a Ph.D. in philosophy (specializing in animal ethics at Glasgow University, in Scotland), Dr. K taught for 20 years at the university level. She has written more than 100 articles/anthology chapters and 10 books, including Animals and World Religions, Sister Species, and Eating Earth. Dr. K retired in July of 2020 to become a full-time animal activist with Tapestry.

Join us for this interactive conversation with Dr. Kemmerer on the dynamics of oppression and the harmful hierarchies which characterize our relationships with both humans and non-humans.

This is a free on-line event that will be of interest to anyone who is interested in creating a just and equitable society.