ARC (Awakening Respect and Compassion for all Sentient Beings) 
It Takes a Village.... 

Lotus Lightheart  is one very lucky girl. As a tiny piglet, she was used as some kind of bait for hunting dogs, suffering injuries to her ear and back. A local man found out what was happening to her and took her in. Only he didn’t plan to keep her as a pet, but rather to raise her for food.  

She was kept in a small enclosure with concrete and mud and often went without adequate food or water.  Fortunately, a kind-hearted neighbor fell in love with her. Scott would visit Lotus and bring her vegetables and talk to her through the bars of her pen. For months, he tried convince her owners to release his friend to him. A few weeks ago, when Scott went to check on Lotus, he was told they were getting ready to slaughter her. 
Scott contacted ARC, and asked for help. We agreed to pay the vet bills if Full Circle Farm Sanctuary could take her in, and they agreed to take her!

Lotus is now safe! She was spayed and vetted at the University of Georgia Veterinary School and arrived at Full Circle Sanctuary on August 12th. Lotus will live out her life with no threat of danger or violence or being turned into food. Lotus is an intelligent, affectionate individual, as anyone can see when looking into those eyes. She will now experience the life all beings deserve, surrounded by compassionate people who will care for her and who see her as the living being she is and not an object to be used whether as bait, or food.  

Please help us raise the money to pay for her vetting! It takes a lot of money to care for these individuals. We can’t save them without your support. Please donate for Lotus's care here:

May all beings find a guardian, a friend, a refuge. May all be happy and free from suffering.
USA Homecoming Vegan Tailgating Party!  Oct. 29th

Join USA's new student animal rights group, Animal Rights Alliance, along with ARC (Awakening Respect and Compassion for all Sentient Beings) for a taste of vegan tailgating. All day we'll be handing out FREE veggie dogs, veggie burgers, salads, chips, sodas... Come cheer the Jags with FREE cruelty-free food! Go Jags! Check the event page for updates!

Greater Gulf Coast State Fair-
Peaceful Demonstrations against the rodeo and exotic animal acts:
All demonstrations will be held outside the State Fairgrounds (The Grounds) at 1035 N. Cody Rd. Mobile 
More details coming soon! 
Friday Oct. 28th: Demonstration against exotic animal acts
Friday Nov. 4th & Saturday Nov 5th: Demonstrate against rodeo cruelty

Wild animals used for entertainment in circuses, roadside zoos, and traveling shows like this one lead miserable, unnatural lives of deprivation. They are often separated from their families, mistreated, and live their lonely lives chained, behind bars, in completely unnatural conditions. Furthermore, because you can’t train a wild animal to perform unnatural acts without the use of cruel and painful training techniques, these animals are routinely subjected to inhumane and demoralizing training methods which the public never sees. Wild animal acts are increasingly being banned around the world in recognition of the inherent cruelty involved in exploiting other living beings as a form of entertainment.