ARC (Awakening Respect and Compassion for all Sentient Beings) 
It Takes a Village.... 

Lotus Lightheart  is one very lucky girl. As a tiny piglet, she was used as some kind of bait for hunting dogs, suffering injuries to her ear and back. A local man found out what was happening to her and took her in. Only he didn’t plan to keep her as a pet, but rather to raise her for food.  

She was kept in a small enclosure with concrete and mud and often went without adequate food or water.  Fortunately, a kind-hearted neighbor fell in love with her. Scott would visit Lotus and bring her vegetables and talk to her through the bars of her pen. For months, he tried convince her owners to release his friend to him. A few weeks ago, when Scott went to check on Lotus, he was told they were getting ready to slaughter her. 
Scott contacted ARC, and asked for help. We agreed to pay the vet bills if Full Circle Farm Sanctuary could take her in, and they agreed to take her!

Lotus is now safe! She was spayed and vetted at the University of Georgia Veterinary School and arrived at Full Circle Sanctuary on August 12th. Lotus will live out her life with no threat of danger or violence or being turned into food. Lotus is an intelligent, affectionate individual, as anyone can see when looking into those eyes. She will now experience the life all beings deserve, surrounded by compassionate people who will care for her and who see her as the living being she is and not an object to be used whether as bait, or food.  

Please help us raise the money to pay for her vetting! It takes a lot of money to care for these individuals. We can’t save them without your support. Please donate for Lotus's care here:

May all beings find a guardian, a friend, a refuge. May all be happy and free from suffering.
SEPT 2-4

ARC is taking a road trip! We are heading up to Warm Springs, GA to volunteer at Full Circle Farm Sanctuary. We'll be helping the sanctuary with some projects including painting, and cleaning out one of the buildings on the property. Plus of course we'll have lots of time to get to meet and hang out with the sanctuariy's non human residents including Sylvia, the pregnant cow we helped rescue a couple weeks ago. 

The sanctuary has a great big room we can all stay in at no charge and kitchen facilities so we can cook meals. There are also two private rooms which are part of the B&B and it would be good if whoever stayed in those rooms could make a donation to the sanctuary for their use. Please private message us if you'd like to reserve those rooms, which will be available first come first serve. The sanctuary is also located right next to FDR national park, which rents out cabins if you'd prefer to stay there, and you can also pitch a tent on the sanctuary's property if you like. If you're staying in the house, you'll need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow, towel, and (vegan) food. ARC will be providing dinner for everyone Friday and Saturday nights, but you'll want to bring whatever you will want for breakfast and lunch those days.

We'll be carpooling and caravaning up on Friday morning, leaving Mobile at 9:00 am from Plantation Antique Galleries and returning Sunday morning. People are also welcome to drive up earlier or stay through Labor Day. 

Check the FB event page for details:

Serving others is not a sacrifice but the primary source of joy in life. ♥